You Like?

OK, so there will be a few more changes, but this is about it. If you want to see the new template, it’s here. Let me know your opinions in a comment. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “You Like?

  1. Sarah says:

    Voice my opinion? I will have to say that more color and less whiteness is a positive. Other than that, I do have to say that it would be cool if you had polls about things other than your site (I don’t mean to sound negative with that, sorry dude). PEACE!

  2. Looking a lot less like a generic iBlog site (a good thing IMHO). The only “eyesore” I would suggest fixing can be sorted easily:

    Add some padding-left to your sidebar heading and text.

    There will always be a few more changes 😉

    Cheers, Bruce

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