April Fools

Well, since this is April Fools Day, I wanted to fool you all with a crazy update. However, I am not creative enough to come up with anything, so screw it.

Thinkgeek had some cool April Fools sales though. Like $799 wireless pong paddles, and a sleeping pill with time release caffeine to wake you back up.

I went to my Grandpa Jack’s service today. He wasn’t really my grandpa, but was closer to me than my real grandpa for many years. He passed away on Wednesday, and funeral will be tomorrow. People really look different in a casket. I guess I am lucky though, I have only been to 2 funerals in my life, and both were 90+ years old. You may remember my Grandpa from about a year ago when I posted a link of him receiving an award for his involvement in the Battle of Normandy. I will post a link to that entry next time, too tired to look it up now. I feel bad that we didn’t go see him in Grand Rapids, but we did see him in Munger at his family reunions. His daughter said he was coherent to the end, and knew all of what was going on. He enjoyed life, and even pinched a nurses butt now and then at the nursing home. I will miss him.

April 1st means Pepsi/iTunes is over. I am sure there are still bottles out there though. If you find codes, I still want them. Can turn in throught May.

I took my bike in for spring tune up today. It needs it, hasn’t been serviced in like 3 years.

I downloaded the FireFox browser for testing the new templates, and it’s sweet. Compared to Safari that I use, it is a bit advanced. Compared to IE, it kicks serious ass. I really like the RSS feed subscription, and the built in search. Safari should have RSS in 2.0, and has search, but only for google. FireFox you can set the search to anything. And it had tabs, pop-up blocking, and all the other things I expect from a browser, but the “leader” still doesn’t have. If you use IE, quit it, and get FireFox.

OK, thats all. See you Monday.


Dude, what part of the term “Magic Oven” do you not get?

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