Stuff Happened, but Not Recently

Well, OK, I did do stuff, but it’s a cool title anyway.

BTW, why no comments?

Anyway, I replaced the battery in the Grand Prix today, so maybe it will be running soon. It needs to be, cause I am signing up for Delta for the Fall. I have an actual major, a goal, and maybe I can get a co-op. I talked to an advisor today and it is looking good.

Work continues on the new blog template. It has quirks, and I am admittedly non-artistic, but so far so good.

OK, thats it, I think.


Easter went well. Went up, had fun, came back. Jenn and her mom got the 4 wheeler stuck in the woods so her dad and I had to go save them on the tractor.

Ok, see you friday.


I’m paranoid of paranoia.

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