More Changes

OK, you have noticed by now, I’m sure, that there have been more changes on the blog.

The first change was to fix the spacing on some pages, where the link to the next page and e-mail feedback had no spacing between them, making it actually say “nextfeedback”, which was kinda misleading.

Second was changing the naming of the comments. Instead of “Comments (#)”, it now says “No Comments” or “# Comments”.

Third was integrating the comments pop-up into the blog entry itself. If you are on the entry’s own page, the comments are at the bottom now. If you are on the front page, or any other page, clicking the comment link takes you to the bottom of the entry’s page.

Current plans are to fix whatever you don’t like (see the poll) followed by reposting the photos somehow, perhaps back onto the website. The idea behind this being that many photos are low quality due to scanning and editing goofs, and every couple weeks when iBlog decides to re-update my whole blog I need to wait 20 minutes for all the photos to be re-uploaded, which wouldn’t happen if they weren’t in the blog.

Also, I am considering a more aggressive redesign. I just realized 3 days ago how versatile iBlog could be. You may have noticed that although I change the colors every once in a while, not much really changes. Well, this is an iBlog powered blog. As you can see, he managed to change much more than I ever have. So, those are some ideas.

In other news…

A week ago I lost my razor, my Mach 3 from the Army. I’d had it like 4 years, since I got it in the mail after registering for selective services. Now, that wouldn’t be so bad, but it actually replaced a Mach 3 I got in 10th grade from some marine recruiters. And, that replaced a Schick that I got in 8th grade from K-Mart. What’s the point of all this? Well, I bought a new one, but it’s not the same (even though it’s a Mach 3 Turbo Champion, and is cool red). I guess the old one’s somehow signified entering manhood, and now I feel an emptiness. Not a big one, I didn’t break down and cry over a razor or anything, I just miss it more than would be expected for something that sliced my face open as many times as it did.

OK, thats all.

Ooh, no it isn’t…

The Incredible’s, is incredible. Watch it, seriously. Not like Pixar has made a bad movie though, right?


Lucius Best: You tell me where my suit is, woman! We are talking about the greater good!
Honey Best: Greater good? I am your wife! I’m the greatest good you are ever gonna get!

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