New Colors (again)

First up is obvious, the new colors. Let me know what you think, this or the blue and white.

I have been looking at iMacs, and realized something odd. The disk in an iMac is either 80GB or 160GB, depending on model, with a 250GB option available. I currently have a 30GB, which is a nice upgrade from the 18GB, and before that 2GB drive in my 7600 (may it rust in pieces). So, saying I get a 20″ iMac that has a 160GB drive standard, thats 130GB I pick up. Woohoo, right? Not quite. See, I only use 6GB, less than 4% of my future drive. Thats ridiculous! Here’s a break down:

1.16GB Applications
1.26GB System files
2.22GB Music
304MB Movies
204MB Pictures
46MB General Documents

Now yes, that only adds up to 5.18GB, but there is 6.06GB used on my disk, I presume for the swap file, but that just makes it worse. All you with your multi-TB RAID arrays and such are laughing at me right now. Ohh well.

Next up, is the new poll. Vote or be IP banned forever (that wouldn’t really help I guess, would it).

And in closing: Yay! Yes, I have been spelling it wrong all this time. It was tried twice to convince me the correct spelling is yeah, but that’s “ya” like yes. Turns out yay is the correct spelling for an enthusiastic outburst.

OK, thats all.



What’s wrong with your dog?
He’s a narcoleptic.
Your dog is an undercover drug officer?
Uhm, yeah.

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