If I Were You, Who would you be?

Yesterday, Scott Jenn and I went to Mandarin House. Was good. Hampton Mall is very sad though.

Today, Scott talked to Harvey at GM. Good and bad news. Scott and I are near the top of “the List”, but there will not be any hirings in the near future. I presume probably until around next union negotiation, in October 06.

eBay seriously sucks. I am never selling on it again, and probably never buying either. I don’t know if I should blame the buyers for trying to screw me, UPS for shipping mishaps, or just bad luck. After 4 bitching buyers and 2 account hackings, including 1 charging up a lot of fees, I give up.

Still no sign of the now infamous “Me”. I am offering a reward if you have any information. I don’t know what the reward is, but I’ll find something.

OK, that’s plenty for now.


The good news it’s only 110˚ in the shade.
The bad news is there isn’t any shade.

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