I’m not at home right now. No, I am in the Days in in Tawas, in the Jacuzzi sweet. Jenn is sleeping, and I was bored and needed to blog, so here it is.

Trip up was OK, no bad weather. I was a little afraid we might get some, but we were good.

We went to G’s Pizzeria for dinner and stopped at Carter’s market for some snacks. Spent some time in out private jacuzzi, and did some swimming in the pool downstairs too. Had some popcorn and watching Adult Swim now. Is funny, no internet access (says “Dataport in each room”, means is a phone jack, too bad I don’t have dial-up I guess), and only 19 channels. In order, 2 – 20 (thats 19):

NBC, Fox, CNN, Headline News, Weather Channel, USA, YBS, Discovery, Animal Planet, CBS, ABC, Cartoon Network, Fox Sports, ESPN, Food Network, Travel Channel, VH1, Starz, and Encore.

Honestly, I am OK with the selection. Cartoon Network, FoodTV, Discovery, TLC, and the 4 networks and I would be pretty much good. Maybe History Channel too. My problem is that 3 of the 4 networks come in for shit, Fox is the only one not made nearly impossible to watch by static and snow. Is just sad.

OK, uhm, that might be it.

Yup, thats it.


If I wanted lip, I would get a fish.
Now go do my dirty work!

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