Do You Suffer From Memory Loss?

Hey “Me”, you haven’t responded yet.

First up, er, Second up: Wednesday’s update will either be rather early or very late (before 12pm Wed. or after 2pm Thurs.). This is due to me being out of town. Details will come either Thur. or Saturday.

One year ago today Jenn and I first met, at her dorm at SVSU. Yay!

The fun unmentionable is back. Should last about a month, maybe 2. I’m happy that I got it, but sad cause of what is means. You have no clue what I’m talking about though. That makes it more fun though, for me anyway.

I am still unsure of what is happening with the website.

I received payment for my 3rd item on eBay. Is exciting.

I think that’s it.



“They call’em fingers, but I never saw’em fing.”
Auto, the Simpsons

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