Me Who?

OK, after 3 days of searching, I must ask who the hell is “Me”? This is all I know

Uses Opera
Has Win XP
In Bay City area
Charter cable modem
Early bird (or very night owl)
Is not Scott, Jenn, my Mom, John, Troy, Sarah, or a friend of any of them.
and I know IP address, but not a lot of help.

Anyway, PLEASE comment with a NAME, or e-mail me, PLEASE!

So what else…

I sold more stuff on eBay.

I have decided I can not be trusted. I get bored and need something to look at online, and ended up doing way too much research on DV camcorders. Bad idea. As my mom would say “NOOOOO”.

Ok, thats all. I just want to know who “Me” is. If you tell me, I will put the school assignments back up. 🙂


I can’t think of a quote, too stuck on the “Me” thing.

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