Bored, So Very Very Bored.

Well, I have been doing nothing for about an hour now in boredom, so I figured I would blog. Not much to blog about though.

Valentine’s Day went well. I gave Jenn a dozen lavender roses and a teddy bear, she gave me a CD, a belt, and a meat thermometer (no, those don’t sound like romantic gifts, but they are ones I wanted). We went to Applebee’s for dinner. That’s about all.

Hmmm… What else.

I guess we could look at what I wrote a year ago.

I got a webcam from Suchyta (that I need to post on eBay)
Was being lazy (what else is new)
Tax refund and fin aid weren’t back yet (at least I have refund this year)

And that’s about it. Apparently 2/15 is just an uneventful day.

Before I go, I want to point out I modified the poll, so it will be a bit easier.



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