Diet Vanilla Cherry Dr. Pepper?!?

Yes, the longest name of any soft drink I know of. And redundant too, since Dr Pepper is cherry anyway, even though nobody knows it. ( I didn’t know till I realized the similarity between Dr. Pepper and Jolt Cherry Bomb).

Ohh no, my Library card is going to expire soon! Well, 2016, but that means I’m, like half through. The website lets you check fines and such, and request books. You can say “I want this book” and it will be at your local library soon, even if the nearest copy is at the UCLA library across the country! It’s cool. (I kinda feel weird, endorsing the library, like a commercial on PBS.)

New poll is up. Kinda sad, only 4 people. Used to have like 6. Ohh well, at least I have my hundreds of googlers.

I mailed my gloves today, back to Dockers. The stitching came apart between the fingers, and Kohl’s doesn’t have them in stock anymore.

iTunes/Pepsi starts back up today. If you find a winner, and aren’t saving them, I want them.

Also today, new PowerBooks came out. Faster processors, 8x DVD burners, drop protection, and scrolling trackpads. And a price drop!

OK, I’m off to do more nothing. Back Thursday.


Police spent several hours attempting to save a fish trapped under the ice. Despite their efforts, it died shortly after.

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