A bit late

OK, so I’m late, not the first time.

I just got back from Warren, because my brothers keyless entry wouldn’t work. He stopped at his friends house last night and was coming home for the weekend. So he is at ABC Warehouse now trying to get it all fixed.

Funny thing, the trip back always seems shorter, unless you don’t actually go anywhere, then it all blends together into a long boringness.

I learned that Heinz produces 10 billion packets of Ketchup every year. Thats insane.

I think it’s new poll time. Will work on that before next update (Monday).

OK, thats all.


… we sadly announce that the Year Of The Monkey is about (on 2/9) to be superseded by the Year Of The Rooster (or the year of the Green Chicken if you use the Five-Element Systems). Oh joy. Nothing funnier than a green chicken. In better news, it’s going to be the year 4702 in China so they’ve probably already engineered time travel. Perhaps they can go back in time and change 2005 to the Year Of The Jedi. Patience we must have…

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