I Really am a Geek!

Well, the website went down last Wednesday as I attempted to post the NAIAS pics, and took 2 days to get it all back. Now, yesterday morning, it happened again. Thankfully Apple restored my data on their own. It isn’t particularly great to fear your $99 a year backup server can magically delete your files on a whim, but at least its all fixed.

Anyway, what else…

I took a geek test. They gave me a little graphic for my score, but it wont work in blog, so I have to just say it – 97% – whooyah. I retook and managed a 100% with some cheating, but the 97 is all me. You too can take said test here.

Think thats it for now.



“Because your waste is a terrible thing to mind…”
Rothchild’s Sewage and Septic Sucking Services

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