MacWorld, and more

So MacWorld was Tuesday. Apple came out with a new Word Processor, to replace AppleWorks, a new low-cost computer, a new iPod, and some more. New program, Pages, is like word, but from Apple. It looks cool to me. The Mac mini is $499, 1.25 GHz, 256 MB RAM, 40GB HD, and a Combo Drive (CD-R/RW, DVD). And the new iPod shuffle is just $99 for a 512 MB or $149 for a 1 GB. At first I was un-excited about the shuffle because of its lack of a display, but I am becoming more and more accepting of the idea since I realized that on my iPod I mostly just set it to shuffle and pay no attention to it, other than maybe jumping to the next song occasionally. All-in-all, a good MacWorld.

Also, yesterday, was Apples quarterly profit report. They have, to date, sold 10 million iPods, 4.5 million in the last quarter. Thats amazing.

Apple has also posted videos of some of the features of Tiger (OS X 10.4) and if you watch the video of Dashboard, the weather widget gets set to Saginaw, MI. Of all the cities, how? Why? Well, I tried to figure it out. I searched the web for anything connecting Apple to Saginaw. I came up with not what I wished for, but I did get some results. I will post them Sunday (Yes, I am doing a 2 part series, I figure you have enough Mac stuff already).

OK, stuff you care about now.

I am working on cleaning my room, slowly. I still have work to do though.

Grandma is getting better. Much more coherent.

I think thats enough.

Til Sunday,


“That guy really twists my dreads”

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