It's Noon, and I'm Bored, So Why Not?

First of all, though you probably didn’t notice, the “Blogger” category is gone. I went through last night and marked them all as “Blogger post #XX” and then incorporated them into the other categories. There will be a new category coming soon though, very soon.

I also did some calculating the other day, and came up with this:

May 13, 2005 – 250th Post
May 19, 2005 – 200th General (earliest)
Oct 10, 2005 – 300th Post

I think those are right anyway. Note that the 200th General is listed as earliest, since every non-general post will push that date back by 3 days.

Yesterday we watched Troy. A good movie, based largely on the Iliad. If you liked Gladiator, you will like Troy.

Grandma is doing better. Main problem now seems to be that she is dopy from the medication. She doesn’t complain about pain as much though, and is starting to get used to not being able to use her arm.

Ok, I gonna go. Remember, MacWorld is tomorrow, Keynote is at 12 (Yay!, wait, they said no live webcast this year BOOOO!)


Why don’t they try hiring people who have IQs higher than their age?
me – long ago

update: I just read through my comments and thought I should add that I haven’t started toward any resolutions yet. Thats one of those things about new year’s resolutions, you have all year to work at them.

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