And So This is Christmas

So Jenn and I went to Alpena Thursday night. We stopped at Pizza Hut in Tawas for dinner, and talked to her parents for a while after getting there fairly late. Friday we went to see her best friend Gwen then to her Grandma’s house and I met her Dad’s side of the family. We spent a few hours there, then went to see her former fellow employees at Staples. On Sunday, we had a big breakfast, then opened gifts. Following all the gift exchanging we had Christmas dinner of ham, roast beef, potatoes, carrots, rolls, and sweet potatoes. We left for home a little after, and visited my grandparents for a while after returning.

A note on the trip though, pertaining to air beds. Thursday I fell asleep on an air bed, and by 3 woke up on the floor. After a few minutes of trying to re-inflate, I just went to sleep. After 3 patches throughout Friday, I managed (I thought) to fix the 1/2″ separation in the seam. But no, each time I awoke through Friday night I was slightly lower. So for all those interested in an air bad, make sure you carry patch kits and duct tape.

So, gifts I gave to people…

For my Mom, I got a telescoping snow brush. Her truck is big, and her old brush wasn’t cutting it.
For my Brother, a pair of pretty cool wire strippers. Insert any wire (10 to 22 gauge) and squeeze. Easy as that.
For my Dad, a TracFone card.
And for Jenn, a very nice pearl and sapphire ring.

I also went along with Jenn for gifts for her parents, sister, and my grandma.

Gifts I received…

A new Dockers coat and matching gloves from Mom.
A Keyspan Media Remote, ThinkGeek Pi shirt, set of coasters, and grooming set from Jenn.
A Belkin USB light and a pair of flannel pants from Dad.
A pair or divided pans from Jenn’s sister.
A giant can of Kool-aid, Cashews, and War and Peace (the book) from Jenn’s mom.
A sleeping bag and cash from my grandparents.
and some more cash from my Uncle Mike.

I think Chris is getting me something, an I will likely be getting a Hess truck from my Uncle Steve, as I have for 15+ years, and I haven’t yet actually given my dad his gift yet.

So thats about it. Guess I will be back on Wednesday.


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