!!!!!!!!!! 200th !!!!!!!!!!

Yeay! Two hundred posts. That’s freaking insane. That means it’s been 600 days? Wow. I can’t believe I’ve written that much crap.

I don’t think I mentioned it, but Nextel never happened. They were only interviewing on the 1 day. Oh well, I will find something. I would of course prefer sooner than later. I did see a cool job on Michigan Works today, as a rail car mechanic and inspector. I have no mechanics experience though. I will look into it a little more though, as it sounds like it could be cool.

So yeah, as I said last time, I’ve been playing MGS3, hence the last 2 posts being made today. I am almost done with it though. The Metal Gear series is awesome, if you like that kind of game. It’s like a movie that lasts a week.

All right, I think that wraps it up. Back Friday I guess.


Playing the blues isn’t supposed to make you feel better,
It’s supposed to make everyone else feel worse.
– Bleeding Gums Murphy, the Simpsons

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