Apple Store!

Jenn and I went to the Apple Store yesterday. The 30″ display is beautiful. Strangely, it doesn’t look that big. It does however make the 23″ look small, which is quite a feat. Up close though it is a massive display, too massive in fact for ordinary tasks, as web pages and text documents seem rather tiny on the display. Pictures and movies however are gorgeous.

The iMac G5 is much better looking in person. The G4s seemed kind of awkward because of the widescreen LCD, especially the 20″, but the G5s are square, and eliminate the problem. (as a side note, the word awkward is rather awkward, yes?)

Jenn rented “Metal Gear Solid 3” for me while she is taking exams, so I may be hard to reach for about a week. Sorry. She also rented “The Day After Tomorrow”.

OK, I’ll be back Tuesday.


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