Happy Thanksgiving (well, yesterday)

So, Nextel never called back, I will call them Monday morning.

I went with Jenn on Wednesday to Alpena. We left about 12 and were back around 6 or 7 Thursday.

Wednesday we ate at Burger King in Standish, arrived in Alpena just in time for her appointment at 3, though she didn’t get in till almost 4. We then went to Staples to see her old workmates. Following that, we went to her house and set up the airbed and settled in. About 11 that night we got bored and went to Wal-Mart (I hate walmart, but it’s all they have) and Applebee’s, despite the rather poor conditions including slush, snow, and ice.

Thursday Jenn was up early helping her mom, and when I got up I helped out with the string bean casserole and sweet potatoes. We then had classic Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc… dinner with Jenn, her mom and dad, and sister, brother-in-law, niece, step niece, and nephew.

After dinner we sat around for a few hours, and about 3:30ish we packed up and headed home.

While we were gone Wednesday night, my brother went to see my cousin on Delta Rd. On his way back at the corner of Delta and Bay Rd., he started sliding just before the intersection. He slid into a concrete island in the intersection, snapped the front left axle leaving his tire, then slid across the street stopping in a field. In all, he broke the front axle, lost both left tires, broke a brake rotor, and who knows what else. He and Alley are fine, except being crushed over his now very injured truck. So now he is driving my mom’s truck and I am left with the Grand Prix that has no insurance.

OK, I am going to bed.


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