Number 191/129

Just for the sake of maybe something to write about, I looked at the post from one year ago today. I actually remember writing it, which is more than a bit scary. That is a main goal of the blog though, to provide a way for me to look back at what was happening on whatever previous day, and a point I have been neglecting. The bad news is though, that there hasn’t been anything happening lately. The only things I really do are with Jenn, and I deem many of them unfit for sharing (get the dirty thoughts out of your mind people, its not bad stuff, just personal stuff, or just rather boring).


We went golfing yesterday. I never knew how much goose shit you can pick upon your shoes. Jenn did not bad, I did do bad. I had an 18 on the first hole, which was a par 4. I did progressively better as the day went on, but we had to quit because it was getting rather dark. I owe Jenn 4 balls, that I lost to the water.

This morning we went to the Career Fair at SVSU, if you can call 8 hospital reps a career fair. I guess it should be refered to as a job fair, as the career has clearly already been chosen in this case.

Afterward we went to Chen’s, which was good (as always, except the chicken strips (inside joke, sorry)). Then a nap followed by Jenn going to class.

After her class, we watch TV and after Good Eats, Jenn decided she wanted to make Sweet Potato pie. So, we ran to Meijer and got what we needed, and picked up Mr. Deeds and Shrek 2. Shrek 1 was good, and I must say so was 2. Mr. Deeds will be tomorrow.

Also tomorrow, is the making of the sweet potato pie and apparently a parade down Broadway. Not supposed to be anything big though; Marching band, commissioner, Mayor, fire trucks, etc…

Ok, I think that’s plenty for today. Will update again Saturday.


So, the sun’s a giant star?
Actually, its only a medium star.

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