Misc. Stuff

So, Google announced recently that their number on searched pages has nearly doubled to over 8 billion pages. Well, I have around 400 pages, probably a little more (blog pages x2 for archive copies, website, etc… ). So, with a little math you get:

400 / 8,058,044,651 = 0.0000004964%

So I have around 4.9 ten-millionths of Google’s search index. Not bad really.

Jenn and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary yesterday. She spent most of the day with her mom and aunt shopping in Birch Run, Bay City, and Saginaw.

I’m watching a show about the “Endless Yardsale” that stretched from Kentucky through Tennessee. Sadly, it actually looks interesting. Too bad I don’t have my own reliable vehicle, or money. Oh well.

I would like to apologize about the crappy posts lately. Jenn’s only words when she saw the last post was “What is this shit?” lol

My room is getting a little cleaner. I am still working on it.

I still want a video camera. I’m not sure if I would use it, but still. I think I would. It could be fun. Especially if I could import the video to the computer, and if I had the Powerbook I hope to get within a year or so to be able to burn to DVDs. Oh well, back to that money thing.

Alright, see you Wednesday.


She chop’n broccoli…
She chop’n broccoli…
She chop’n broccoli…
She chop’a broccoliiii

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