More Website

More work on the website. I am up to a main, school, site history, and personal info pages. I will be working on the CD DVD and Book list, links, sitemap, disclaimer, and PAQ next.

I have a new bed. My mom’s bed wouldn’t fit upstairs so we put it in my grandma’s room and I took her bed. I’m not sure what will become of my futon.

The money I thought was coming is not, at least not until the first of the year. I tried listing on eBay for some money but it seems I am banned from eBay. I am a little upset to say the least.

Jenn’s room mate problems seem to be resolved. She talked to them and they are being much more hospitable. Good news.

I had Paddleman’s pizza buffet last night. It isn’t bad, but has some to be desired. The salad is pre-made and was rather blah, plus it had way too many olives (1 is way too many, but this was WAY too many). The buffet itself consisted of 2 pizzas when we arrived, but was up to 4 pizzas, spaghetti, meat sauce, meatballs, and breadsticks when we left. For $4.99 plus $1.50 for a pop, it’s worth a look.

OK, I am going to go now. See you Saturday.


of the people in the world are below average.

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