So Sad

Friday I went with Jenn to Toys R Us. It was scarry. I wanted WAY too much stuff. Lego’s, Tonka trucks, Guns, Cars, all kinds. Jenn was laughing that I was acting like a little kid and she had to drag me out like my mom.

We went to Bennigan’s again too. I got the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. Wow. It was huge, and spicy, and good. I am amazed with Bennigan’s food, it’s cheap and awesome.

I am getting really bad at updates. It is actually Tuesday as I write this post for Sunday. I might actually just skip Sunday and post this as Wednesday, but I think not. It really is sad though. I just haven’t been in a blogging mood. That and have been away with Jenn a lot. I will work on it, really.

I missed the 1 year anniversary of the move to iblog. You may recall that it was on September 1st that I moved from blogger to iblog. Oh well, not the first blogversary I missed.

I think thats about it. I don’t really have much more. It’s sad that from Friday to Tuesday I didn’t do anything. I did do things of course, but they either don’t seem appropriate to blog about or I forget them.

Well, I guess there is more. Hmm…

Jenn made me scallops and shrimp over tortellini. It would seem I was mistaken in thinking I liked scallops. They were good at Genji, but the last 4 times I have had them they just weren’t as I remember. The dinner was good though, the scallops were just of poor quality or something weird like that.

Jenn has spent the last 2 evenings here (tonight and last) watching movies. Last night was Jersey Girl and tonight was Dorm Daze. Jersey Girl was good, not the usual of Kevin Smith, except a bit of Chasing Amy. Still though, it was a good movie. Dorm Daze was a bit cheezy and hard to follow, but still entertaining.

OK, I will leave it at that, and post whatever else tomorrow night. Promise.


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