Happy Birthday to Me! (Belated)

So Wednesday was my birthday. Jenn got me a night at Fairfield, Dinner, and 3 gifts, winning her the best gift award. We went to the Fairfield in Saginaw on Tuesday night, and after checking in we went in the whirlpool and pool for a while. After changing we went to Bennigan’s for dinner. I had a burger of some type, and she some shrimp. We also stopped at the Sprint Store to look at phones since hers has been dead for a while.

After getting back to our room (with a King size bed, ooh) we watched TV for a while, and went to Kroger for goodies. We also ordered cheese bread and pop from Papa-John’s. Wednesday morning I got my gifts, a binder clip pack, Penguin caffinated mints, and the ThinkGeek Binary People tee. Very awesome gifts. We had our free continental breakfast (ehh) and went back to bed till just before check-out.

After getting back, I went home and my mom took me to Mr. Hot Dogs for dinner. I then proceeded to go see my Dad. Somehow my grandma Connie forgot it was my birthday (sad) but gave me $25 anyhow. Jenn came over about 9:30 after her class, and we watched TV and made egg sandwiches.

Thursday I went with my mom to her Social Security hearing. I don’t really know how it went, but it seams like it might turn out well. I then spent the rest of the day with Jenn.

Thats most of it. None of you got me gifts, because none of you read this. Scott wished me a happy birthday, and I thank him for that. Is better than my grandma who forgot and gave me $25 only as an afterthought (would think would make it more, to correct the travesty) , and way better than John, Nick, Jason, Erica, Lauren, other Erica, Jim, Rach, Danielle, or Brandon, who didn’t do anything. Oh well, that’s life.

Well, I will be back on Sunday, so have fun with your lives till then.


I don’t need sex, just as long as I’m with you,
but as long as I’m with you…

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