Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day all. Jenn and I made dinner for the family. Hamburgers, potato salad, watermelon, and cake. It rained, as is a Labor Day tradition, so no grilling. We used the broiler instead.

Jenn decided to celebrate my birthday 2 days early. Hence the cake. A very nice german chocolate cake. Even got candles.


I haven’t been in a blogging mood really. I’m sure you noticed. I had Jenn do it on Tuesday, and just did some pics on Friday. Sorry about that.

MDOT has the pavers set up for doing the North bound lanes of Broadway. Probably start Wednesday, since I don’t really see them working tomorrow.

I am nearing my 11th Folding@Home unit. It is 96% through. Woohoo!

The evil bastard hornets are back. They were here last year, a new one in my room almost every morning. I have taped off the attic, and that seams to have stopped them. Well, that and I keep spending the night at Jenn’s, just avoiding my room in all.

OK, thats all. Hopefully I will be in more of a blogging mood for Thursday.


I have a gift for you. I’ll give you a hint; It’s in my diaper and it’s not a toaster.

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