Only seven more days till Nick’s birthday. Twenty-two not exactly an important year. Sixteen you can drive, Eighteen you can vote, get freedom, legal adult, twenty-one you can drink and more adult stuff, twenty-five you get cheaper car insurance, twenty-two nuthin.

Apple Expo in Paris was Tuesday morning. New iMacs came out. They are thin now… two inches thin. I like the old iMacs better cause of the way they looked, but the new ones are faster. It was on at 4am here cause Paris is six hours ahead. There was no live cast but I followed the updates.

Broadway is half paved, we walked down the half of concrete with the dogs, but molly kept going in and out of the ditches. Fun Fun. Should be done soon hopefully.

ps. In case you can’t tell this blog wasn’t written by Nick, he didn’t want to so I (Jenn) wrote it. I did good didn’t I 🙂

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