Well, that came up faster than I thought. Then again, I didn’t realize I was averaging 25 visits a day. Seems a pair of words I had used earlier were drawing alot of traffic, and even setting me at the #2 google result for the words. So, it has been changed so they are now u^^pa lu^^pa, where the ^^ were once Ms. Anyway though, I have had over 2000th visitors now, and thats a big deal, especially since 1000 was only on April 7th. Thats 1000 visits in four and a half months, while the first 1000 took almost a year. Had I not changed those certain words, I may have hit 3000 within just 2 months.

So anyway, congratulations go out to our winner, whoever it is. I dont recognize the IP address, but suspect that it is Scott.

I have not yet gone to try and get “Ecto Cooler”. I haven’t really done much at all in the going away area. Oh well, that will change…

Since this is Jenn’s “Vacation” week from school, and she had Wednesday and Thursday of from work, I though it could be fun to go do something fun. After looking online I decided on going to Wilderness State Park for the 2 days and camping, fishing, mountain biking, and whatever else. Of course, then I thought to look at the weather for up there and realized its going to be raining both days. Nice, real nice. So right now I am unsure of what were doing, but there might not be a Wednesday update, just so you all know.

Work on Broadway is proceeding, as the road is now graded, and the sand and stonemix laid. Even the expansion joints and mesh are going down. Concreting should be some time this week it seems, followed by asphalt surfacing and then they will be done. They are making ALOT of noise today though, grinding or hammer drilling or something.

I have been searching mad online lately. Remember my online obsessions I discussed? Well I’m in a history phase now. Looking up info on Bay City and Local Highways.

Jenn and I did not go to the Midland Fair. Well, we did, but we didn’t go in. It was decided that $10 each plus $4 parking was too much. We did shop the Midland Mall for a bit though, and went to a little driving range on Wheeler Rd. in Auburn.

No real site work, or baseball, or room, or anything else. I’ll be honest, I am either sleeping, with jenn, or being really lazy about all day. Sorry.

I haven’t watch the Screen Savers in a few months now. When G4 merged with the network and they ditched Leo and all this gaming crap started getting thrown in, I just got turned off. Also, I haven’t watched wrestling in a long time either.

I was in staples yesterday and realized something. I am sad. I love buying back-to-school supplies, but I’m not going back to school. I am actually kinda jealous. If anyone needs to go school shopping, please let me know.

OK, I am done. I was kinda waiting for Scott to respond with his IP address so I could be sure, but I guess it will need to stand as a hypothisis.

bye all.


Lisa: (explaining the Indians worship of certain animals)
Bart: Thank goodness we have all come to our senses and worship a carpenter that lived 2000 years ago.


Ok, it wasn’t Scott. It wasn’t any of you. It was me. Oops! It would seem I am the 2000th visitor, as Charter changed my IP address without me realizing it from 66.188.1.# to 66.188.61.#. So, I will be changing the counter to ignore me henceforth. Therefore, the honor shall go to the 1998th visitor, whoever that person is. I will let you know by next update, or just keep for myself if I can’t figure it out.

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