Why? Because I Can, Of Course

Hi all.

I am feeling noticeably better. I guess it is a flu or cold that goes around and not allergies. The one thing I have been thinking this whole week though, is that if I could get some Ecto cooler in the steel can, I would be better much sooner. WAIT, FLASH! After writing the last sentence I found this page, which is fun on its own by telling us some Ecto Cooler history, but also shows us that the magical drink still exists! WOOHOO! Also, note the link at the page’s bottom to view the original Ecto Cooler commercial.

Wow, I really want to run to Meijer right now, but I know better. Tomorrow.

Hmm, what else, I guess it all really pails in comparison to finding out that Ecto Cooler is hiding on us. Anyway…

Jenn and I are going to the rodeo at the Midland County Fair tomorrow evening. We went for a bike ride to the farmer’s market this afternoon and I got a honey rock. So much better than the California cantaloups we get stuck with the rest of the year.

I am definitely not going to school this semester, as of 6 pm on Aug 17th (when payment was due). It’s OK though, since I don’t really know what I’m going to school for anyway. Besides, it opens up my schedule for if I ever got a job that I applies for (I am 1 for 30 since graduation, btw).

I can’t even remember the other stuff I was going to mention. I can’t believe I’m this excited over a fruitless fruit drink. Truly scary.

OK, I guess I should call it a night then, since I am tired anyway.



Ok, now I’m thinking of another word, and this time it’s definitely not kitty.
Is it kitty?
AHHH! Get out of my head!

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