A Year Later, and Sick Again.

Strange stuff, I tell you. If you look at last years posts for August 28th and 31st, you will notice I was sick. Well, almost a year later, and I am sick again. I have to think its an allergy to something that blooms in mid to late August.

Jenn and I got to watch Alice Cooper play softball Saturday. He and his road crew have a team and they play games as they travel. I can’t say who won, because we left early, but Alice’s team was doing awesome against the combined efforts of Z93 and Wheelz.

Also Saturday I bought my new TV stand. It works for what I need. My problem now is my bastard stereo’s tuner wont work. I get no radio stations, AM or FM. I have played with the antennas and every connection for 2 days to no avail. Heck, I even opened the case to check for a fried component and came out with nothing.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Since I am sick and don’t want to work, I hope it does. But…, since I am poor and need money, I hope it doesn’t.

Ok, I am tired, and sick, and just overall yucky, so I am going to bed. After I finish the smoothy Jenn brought me, of course.


Hi, I’m looking for Ray Finkel…
(guys pulls a shotgun)
And a new pair of underwear.

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