The Post Formerly Known as Untitled

So I am finally cleaning my room. I am kinda in the middle of it right now. It is at that point where it’s dirtier than when you started, but that means I am about half way.

I bought new sheets for my bed. Jenn and I went to the Essexville Meijer’s and none were quite what I wanted or in the wrong size, so we went to the Wilder Rd. one and I found some cool ones. One problem though, I found that there is a big rip in the top sheet, so am going to try and return them today. Damn it. I bought new pillows too. I wanted to make sure they were fluffy enough so I threw them on the floor and laid down in the middle of the aisle. Jenn laughed.

I went with Jenn to Alpena on Thursday night. We stayed the night at her parents house, then went to the Alpena County Fair and came home about 3 ish. I did some star gazing while we were up there and it was weird. There are almost too many stars, so it becomes hard for me to find some stuff. I should bring my laptop with an astronomy program and my telescope up there next time.

We ate at Grandpa Tony’s tonight, and I ordered the butterscotch sundae. I don’t remember it being so big. It was still awesome though. Three massive scoops of ice cream covered in butterscotch, mmmm. I only ate two of them though.

I can’t think of much else.

I guess I will see you all on Tuesday then.



Good news! It’s a suppository!

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