100th General!

Yeay! Ok, not THAT big a deal. Next big posts by my figuring will be probably 2000th visitor, or maybe 200th post.

My birthday, as of right now (12:38 A.M. 08/05/04) is a mere 34 days away. Wow, 22, scary.

What have I done…

We worked at Burger King on Tittibawassee Tuesday, no work Monday or Wednesday, and will be at BK on Holland Thursday. I hate Burger Kings. They all have identical landscaping, the beds are spread apart so is seems like forever, and there is always alot of traffic.

Still no room cleaning. I did find a TV stand though, I think. I am strongly considering the one at Staples, as it is one of the few I can find for decently cheap, has adjustable shelves, and has a base large enough for my TV but not excessively so.

Also, no BBDB work, as the dogs messed all my cards around. Ok, I could easily have sorted them within a few minutes, Im just too lazy, there, happy? I said it.

Jenn and I went to AmericInn on Monday. You can use their pool, spa, and sauna for $4 a person. I presume it’s for all day use, but you don’t get a card of anything, so probably need to re-pay if you left and tried to come back.

My brother might be moving out again. He has an interview in Livonia for a job doing car detailing. Mom is crushed of course, and I am unsure. Yeah, it might be a great opportunity for him, but Labadie is a great place too. I don’t know.

OK folks, thats all for today. See you Saturday.


If you build a man a fire, he will be warm for a day.
If you set a man on fire, he will be warm for the rest of his life.

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