Number 155

Hey, Wednesday will be my 100th General post, woohoo. But wait, my 100th General would be considered special, and hence categorized as such, and thus not a General post. But then, it wouldn’t be special again, and go back to general, making it the 100th, and again Special. Oh, what a paradigm we have. I guess it will have to be left as General.

I have not cleaned my room, or really even began to try. I have been looking for a TV stand, since I am annoyed with the one I have now. It’s too tall. I am amazed at how hard it is to find a stand that does what I expect. I have given up the idea of building an entire built-in desk/entertainment enter, but may build a small TV stand, if I get to it. I would need tools for that though, and I don’t have those.

No word from Charter. Suchyta says I’m a shoe in. I should call them about my app on Monday.

Jenn and I went to the Munger Potato Festival on Friday night. We had fun. Demo Derby was interesting as always, we both got a 5 lb bad of spuds, and spent 45 minutes to get about a half mile from the parking lot to the street.

OK, I’m going to bed because although it might rain tomorrow, it also might not, in which case I would need to work.

night all


“And they give you cash, which is just as good as money.”

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