It's Shake n' Bake, and I helped!

So, uhm, I don’t want to be here…

I am pretty tired, and kinda hot, and, well, I am probably just going to do a half-assed job at posting if I do, so, uhm…

But there was a few things I wanted to mention, but there not important…

And it’s not like anybody reads this anymore…


Ok, I guess.

I worked today, but not yesterday, and only a little the day before.

Blog/Website has been re-spidered, so all pages but this one are in search index.

I decided Schwarzenegger and Ventura would be interesting running mates.

Haven’t done any website work in a long time now. Haven’t done baseball cards in a few days either.

If I don’t work tomorrow, I am going to clean/rearrange my room.

I finally found the key to our front door. I lost it like a year ago. Was in center console of the car.

Powerbooks ship with all their install images on a single DVD, rather than 8 install/restore CDs and a system check CD like Jenn’s ibook or 2 Install, 3 restore, and 1 check CD like mine. Is a good idea. iBook is only mac that ships with a CD-Rom option, and thats only available on the low end edu only model.

OK, thats enough. I’m going to bed.


If the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be coming toward you, rather than you toward it, then you know its not a dream, and you’re just sleep walking down a railroad track.

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