Expect the Expected

Hi all, hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Air show was cool. We were there for about an hour. We got there at 2:30, but a bit before 4 we got tired of it. Saw some planes doing tricks and such, a jet powered Dodge Ram, etc… Left before the F-16, but saw it from my house.

Jenn and I were in her room talking today and I was sitting on her bed. We heard a noise, but it sounded like it was outside or downstairs. We heard it again, and were wondering what it was by that point. Suddenly her bed dropped 5 inches from under me. One of the feet on the bed frame bent and the corner just dropped. It looked like it had been bending bit by bit for a while, and since it was on casters it just gave out and rolled far enough for the weight of me and the bed to crush it right up. We ran to Wal-Mart, but no bed frames so got one at Art Van. Upon disassembling the old frame we found another corner was beginning to bend, and a third corners caster was completely crushed. She said it was like 10 years old, so I guess it lived its life. We are going to paint her headboard before we reattach it. Is a funny pink, we are thinking purple.

I ate at Super Buffet tonight. Is Chinese/Japanese/American all-you-can-eat in Saginaw. They have a sushi bar, but is kinda scared me, didn’t look like much turnover, and old sushi is not good. Over all, I would give a 5. Good selection, but is in saginaw, and could just go to Chen’s. Plus, nasty stomach afterward.

I think thats about all the good stuff. I want to try for the farmers market tomorrow, I’ve felt like some black cherries.

Ok, night, see you, uhm, Thursday.


When you need to keep away rabbit, you use wolf or fox urine, to scare them away.
I propose, we begin distributing elephant urine, to scare away, well, pretty much anything.

One thought on “Expect the Expected

  1. Scott says:

    you should use the quote that sue gave you after you told her about your elephant urine theory… that was funny…

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