Now More Than Before

It’s 1am, and I am wide awake, not a good thing when I have to work in the morning.

Jenn and I got tickets to the airshow for Sunday. Should be cool. The F-16s were practicing today, shook the whole house.

The baseball card DB is going slower than I would have hoped. It’s been nasty hot out so my room is nearly unbareable. Stupid heat, stupid poorly insulated upstairs, stupid no AC. Stupid, stupid stupid.


There aren’t many of you anymore. Mostly has just been Jenn viewing the blogs. Kinda sad. Suchyta is working and has trig class, Jason is either working or with, uhm, I can’t remember her name right now. Scott is with Sarah. I guess summer just isn’t great for blog readership. Funny, because last summer I had alot of people reading, or I though so. Steph, Lauren, Scott, Jason, Nick, John, Troy, a bunch of regulars. But now, squat. Oh well.

Danielle, hah, remembered Jason’s gf’s name.

Ok, I still have a bunch of energy, but my eyes are getting heavy. I am thinking I should try and go to sleep white at least some part of my body is willing to cooperate.

Night all, see you Sunday.




I just realized I am supposed to update on friday, not Thursday. So…

I will leave it here, and will add more tonight.

Ok, Im back. Is 9:22 now.

We just had Oasis. Yum, perch. Jenn claims to have never eaten perch. Wow is all I can say.

Not much else. F-16s flew over again today for airshow. Drove dogs crazy.

Ok, bye again.


Click click bloody click PANCAKES!

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