Baseball Cards

I got my cards from storage today, and have began sorting them and putting them in a FileMaker database. I have 100 cards entered, and about 300 sorted. I figure I have about 2000 cards total, from ’70 – ’94, though most are ’90 – ’92.

The previous post actually had another funny thing, it was the 15th “Special” post, so it was a 15th, 150th, and 1500th in one. Kinda cool.

I got new shoes yesterday. NewBalance 470s, size 10.5 4E. Were $39.99 at “the Shoe Dept.” in the Bay City Mall (formerly Shoebilee). They came in orange or red, Jenn said red, and I liked both, so red they are.

My room is again filled with things to eBay, and I am again not eBaying them. I need to figure out shipping estimates, then I will start posting stuff. Really, I will.

I want to sleep in really late one day, then go for a bike ride at like midnight. Would be way easier as far as traffic, cooler than in the day, and fun cause night. Problem is I would get tired sooner, cause was late. I want to try though. Leave at midnight and do 20 miles around town. Would be fun I’m sure.

Ok, I am tired, I might have to work tomorrow, and my computer wants me to restart it, so I am going now. See you all on Friday with a card DB update.


I’m gonna get my butt nipper, and nip it in the butt.

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