Double Milestones!

Woohoo! I got my 1500th visitor, and my 150th post in the same week. Almost scary.

500 – about 11/26 – John
1000 – 4/07 – Erica
1500 – 7/16 – Jenn

I have decided to catalog all my baseball cards in a database, but FileMaker is proving to be ugly. The basics of it are easy, but making the template look good is a bit difficult.

I can’t really think of what else.

Uhm, I should point out that the search only updates every 2 weeks, so today’s post for example isn’t searchable for about another week.

Also, I have added the site map to the blog links thing, in the upper corner.

And sadly, I have to report that one of Jenn’s fish has passed away. She had 2 goldfish and 2 african frogs.

Ok, my brain crashed, so I am leaving.

See you all Tuesday.


Why is it called a MANual, when no man will ever read it?

One thought on “Double Milestones!

  1. Hey Nick, just a note to check in and ask how the folding is going. Well, I hope. E me, or come visit the Team Mac OS X forum if you are running into any problems or have any questions. We’re there to help.

    Nice blog – you seem to have comments on many things Mac. Er, I thought Tiger was v 10.4 of OS X, not 10.5.

    One of our team’s power users ran some xbench tests on his G4 with and without Folding; he found very little difference in most benchmarks. (Search on the team forum for xbench; it’s the April 19, 2004 thread)


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