You may notice the blog is a bit different. You may also have noticed there was a temporary “down” period yesterday. So what changed? Well, Bravenet was annoying, so I dropped them. That means the second counter has disappeared, along with the poll. The SiteMeter counter is still there, and is accurate. I am awaiting my 1500th visitor, shouldn’t be too long. The poll I haven’t found a replacement for yet. I hope to have a new poll within about a month, but who knows with me. New though is finally a search. At 149 posts (Saturday is 150, woohoo!) I felt a search was needed. The search includes a page that lets me see what the top searches are, top results, etc…, so I will periodically post those. It also provides a site map when it “spiders” my site, so that may be useful to some of you. It isn’t great yet though, so I will need to play with how deep it maps. Right now you can only reach the map from a search page, but I will be adding the link on the main site pages, and on the links in the top right of the blog.

Apple released it’s Q3 today. Two billion dollars in revenue, $61 million in profit, $4.96 billion cash in the bank (yes, cash, for buying smaller companies up generally). Wow. Also, it was confirmed that the reason the iMacs are shipping late is due to IBM’s poor G5 turnout. It isn’t IBM’s fault, 90nm is just really small to be building chips at.

I downloaded NetNewsWire Lite. It is an RSS news program. For those who don’t know, RSS is an online syndication standard, similar to how the Bay City Times gets all the Associated press articles, or how yahoo lists Reuter’s news. I like it so far. I have MacRumors,, Crazy Apple Rumors Site, Apple Hot News, MacCentral, and of course, my own. Yes, the blog has an RSS feed, it is built into iBlog. So if any of you are using an RSS program, you can get my feed here (Yes, it looks weird if you view it in your browser, all RSS feeds do. I promise it works fine though).

Ok, I have a nasty headache again from the wisdom teeth, so I am going to bed. I can’t believe I wrote this much honestly.

Night, all.
See you Satuday.

Remember: 150th post – Saturday, July 17th 100th general in iBlog – Sunday, August 1st (unless we get a special before then)


Fry, referring to his accidentally nailing his own grandmother, knocking her up, and becoming his own grandfather:
“I did do the nasty in the pasty!”

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