On time, holy crap!

I’m on time! Well, I have an excuse (yes, I need an excuse to do things right). I brought my ibook over to Jenn’s so I can update from here.

Apple is at about 99,900,000, so they should certainly reach the 100,000,000 by tomorrow evening. I am impressed at how fast they are accumulating downloads.

It’s really warm out. The good news is it should rain in about 3 hours, thus dropping the temp and humidity. Michigan pisses me off. 63, 65, 55, 90, 85, 65. What the hell? Pick a season and stick with it.

I have folding@home running again. The graphical, regular program. Working fine, and I am glad.

I need a job. Yeah, I do the landscaping thing, but I need a REAL job. I rewrote my resume, and need to start submitting it. I need money, and I need something to do all day, and Jobs are good at solving both of those.

Ok, good night all. I will try to be on time Wednesday too, start a habit of it. And I PROMISE new poll by next post.


When life gives you lemons, you clone those lemons and make SUPER lemons.
(Principal Scudworth, Clone High)

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