Sorry all. Two days late is kinda bad, huh? I didn’t post Thursday before I left to Jenn’s, thinking I would when I got home. Problem was I didn’t come home til about 1 on Saturday morning. So I put it off till now, about 12 Saturday afternoon. I will make sure it doesn’t happen again.

When I installed F@H, I also installed a little utility to make it auto launch. Little did I know what a pain in the ass it would be. I decided to switch from the command line version of folding to the GUI app, and deleted the command line program. For the last 2 days now I have been unable to use my terminal, because it attempted to launch a non existent program, then when unable to find it exit the shell. Fine, I’ll put the program back. Nope, still exits the shell as soon as I end F@H. After a 16 post thread on MacRumors forums, I found the culprit. It wasn’t some Unix file like we thought (I checked every shell rc, profile, and login file I could think of) but the preferences file for Terminal. And stranger still, the setting can’t be reached from in Terminal, I had to open the com.apple.Terminal.plist file manually. Weird shit. Glad is all OK now though.

The 1 year anniversary of the counter has now passed. July 6th, 2003 I put it up, with 0 views. July 6th, 2004 it ended the day at 1306, which is really 150 too low, so 1456. By the way, you will notice that both counters (should) have the same value now. The Bravenet counter will go away soon, followed by the replacement of the poll and the addition of a search feature. No, really, I will.

Jenn and I are going to sidewalk sales today, and perhaps the car show. I need to go get ready for that, so I will see you all, tomorrow. Being late screws stuff up.



I’m sure glad global warming never happened.
Oh, it did, nuclear winter just cancelled it out.

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