Hello Out There

There was no quote last time, you notice that? I couldn’t think of one, sorry. I have been running dry on quotes lately. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

Fireworks Saturday were cool. Jenn and I were right behind DoubleTree Hotel, between their building and the river. Was a really good spot I felt. Jenn seemed to enjoy them too.

I realized earlier today that my brother’s birthday is the 9th, which is like 3 days away. Wow, that’s close.

Apple is giving away free ipods. Every 100,000th song purchased, from the 95,100,000th to the 99,900,000th, will bring a free 20GB ipod to the purchaser. Then, on the 100,000,000th song, the purchaser will receive the grand prize of a 40GB ipod, a 17″ PowerBook, and a gift certificate for 10,000 free songs to fill their new ipod. Also, the grand prize winner will get a chance to create their own celebrity play list for the music store. Apple’s website has more info, as well as the rules for no-purchase entry. They are at about 96,865,000 right now.

I ran XBench on Jenn’s new ibook. Wow. With a dual 800MHz G4 as a baseline 100, Jason’s 733 G4 Quicksilver received a 64.68 overall, my 800 G3 ibook got a 42.90, and our 400 G3 imac a 30.24. So what does Jenn’s 933 G4 ibook get? An 85.17! Thats wicked considering it was only $1049. She scored over 100 in several categories too, especially under memory since she has DDR memory where the baseline system had SDR. And by the way, A dual 2.0 G5 Powermac averages a 200 overall, with up to 2000 in HD performance thanks to it’s Serial ATA drives.

What else…..

I am using Folding@home now. Some of you may remember that I used to run SETI@home. I pretty much stopped running SETI when I switched to the ibook, and have now decided that folding is probably a better choice. Yeah, looking for Aliens is fun, but this is more likely to be useful.

I’m getting to the point I wish I didn’t know about Tiger. I hate knowing I have to wait till mid 2005 to buy it. By the way, for those unaware, OS X has cats for all the version names. 10.0 is cheetah, 10.1 is puma, 10.2 is jaguar, 10.3 is panther, 10.4 is tiger. Future versions of the OS are expected to include lynx, cougar, and leopard.

Well, thats quite a post for me, so I am going to bed.



“I’m gonna bite you sucka”
– Blackula

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