Happy 4th of July (Almost)

Well, it’s the 2nd of July right now, but wont see again till 5th so Happy Independence Day all.

Jenn and I went to watch fireworks last night, ended up on 3rd and Madison, across from the police station. Tonight we sat on her roof. Think tomorrow we are going to go for something closer.

Worked last 2 days. Tried doing a BK in Chesaning today, lol. Was alot more to be done than we were made aware of. We did not finish.

I am really tired right now. I need to get my schedule figured out better.

Apple apparent misjudged the time it would take to sell off remaining iMacs and bring new ones to market, and are now in a pickle. You can’t buy iMacs from the Apple Store online until September now, according to the store. Apple always cuts production a few months before a new model, and the new model was longer in development that expected. Ahhh…. Apple. No iMacs til September, thats funny. Fun thing is they make it sound like a major revision. Perhaps they will be nice G5 iMacs with 8x SuperDrives and USB 2.0, FireWire 800, Bluetooth, Airport Extreme, and PCI Express upgradable graphics cards. Ooooooh <drool>.

Ok, I can’t stay up much longer, so night all, and see you Monday night.


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