Another WWDC Keynote

Well, at first glance this WWDC seemed sub-par. A 30″ LCD, new LCD housings, and the Tiger preview. Don’t get me wrong, a 30″ LCD is nothing to scoff at, especially since the new video card supports 2 of them. I would love a pair of 2650×1600 monitors next to my G5, I just dont have $3200 per monitor or even $2000 for a G5.

Then I watched the video though… and everything changed.

Tiger is going to be awesome. No doubt about it. From the new “Pipeline” search feature to my favorite new feature, “Dashboard”, it will rock when it arrives in 2005. If you want to see more about it, since I dont want to explain it all here, check out Apple’s site or the keynote video stream.

Week has been uneventful otherwise. Scott and I broke our record of a 70 minute lunch with a 90. Is kinda sad really. Oh well. Thats about it though I think.

Guess I will see you all Friday.
Sorry about the short crappyness, but I dont have anything else to say.


It’s not that I have to always be right,
It’s just that I always am.

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