Number 143

Ok, really late, sorry. Anyway though…

Big news for Jenn. Friday she got her acceptance letter to the nursing program at SVSU. Her computer really died though. There is a problem with the power supply in it, so it wont charge at all any more. So saturday we went to the Apple Store and she got a new ibook. It was a remaining one from the previous model so got a good deal too. She is very happy with it though.

Today we went to St. Stans picnic. I have now accepted that I got old. I realized how much it costs to buy stuff. We didn’t feel like spending $4 on an elephant ear, so we came home
and made them ourselves, then made pizza too.

So WWDC is tomorrow. There is no G5 leak like last year, but there are some pics floating around that are supposedly of Tiger, more rumors about new displays, and some pics from inside the convention center that take shots at MS’s Longhorn.

OK, I think that’s it. Will see you all on Tuesday, unless something big happens at WWDC, then will update Monday evening.


People often ask “why does 7-11 have locks on the door if they are open 24 hours?”
Well, they need some way to keep people out during the police investigation of the bi-weekly robbery.

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