Stuff, Just Stuff

Ok, so I did my roundup of possible updates, but what do I really want to see? A new imac. I want to see a new G5 iMac in particular, with PCI Express graphics, especially an ATI Radeon 9600 or so, though I am open to a bit lower. G5 processor in the 1.6 or 1.8 GHz range. DDR 400 RAM, FW800, and 8x Superdrive. I know this is all possible. As long as the imac is single processor, having a 1.8GHz model shouldn’t interfere too much with PowerMac sales, and I have to admit upgradable video would be a HUGE asset to the iMac.

Anyway, enough of that.

I did some more site work. Am up to a whopping 5 pages now. I am going to estimate will be set by July 6 (counter’s 1 year), but no promises.

Hooters is open again. Bay City’s is anyway. Saginaw is said to be opening “early July”. Told you so.

Jenn got to meet my dad yesterday. Seemed to go well. Wasn’t alot of conversation between, mostly just Jenn and I talking while my dad and mom and bro talked. They have met now though, so we are all evenish, or something.

Gas main work in front of our house is done. Now the other side gets it. At least they aren’t digging huge trenches with a back hoe like they would 10 years ago.

A private pilot has become an astronaut. Is the first time a private company has built a plane capable of carrying a man to sub-orbital altitudes. They are going to reach further soon, in an attempt to win the $10 mil X-prize. Look on google for more.

I watched Scott’s DVD “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka”. Oh – My – God. Very funny, kinda stupid, a must see.

Ok, tired as shit so going to bed. See you all Saturday.


“He… He OG’d.”
“OG’d? Over golded? When will these kids learn?”

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