Apple Store, WOOOOO!

Today Jenn and I went down to the Apple Store. Her computer was acting goofy, I mentioned my ibook has crashed only about once in the year and a half I have owned it, and after a little looking online we decided to head to Somerset. We looked through the Apple Store, I finally got to see Somerset North (wow, a bunch of $$$$$$$$$ stores, and rather few of them really, compared to South). Then we headed a bit north to Great Lakes Crossing, walked around a bit, and ate at Olive Garden.

Yesterday we went to Marsh Point Par 3. I don’t really suggest it. A lot of lost balls, and even more mosquito bites. Oh well, still kinda fun. I also baked her a cake, as it was her birthday. Friday I worked. So that was my weekend.

WWDC is closer. I can’t freaking wait. I want to see what will be in 10.4, and if Apple will manage any new models. I love keynotes.

So Apple Store stuff…

ipod mini is REALLY mini. I thought my ipod was small, but wow, freaking wow. 17″ PowerBook is massive. I didn’t get a real great look last time, since store was packed during the 10.3 release. Also, G5 towers are huge. I know the only people that care about this shit are Jason and Nick, and both have seen, but I still just have to say it all.

Best part? Jenn says we can go again after WWDC. Wooohoo!

Ok, I going to bed. New Poll up too.


You bastard.
(OK, funnier when you can watch Peter Griffin say it.)

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