La la la


Has been semi uneventful 3 days.

I worked on Wednesday with Scott, and we worked a little on Tuesday too. Bauer kinda took out the side off a building with a mower, so we ran away,

More time with Jenn of course. Her birthday is Saturday. Between finding her a gift and Fathers day, I am kinda stumped. Maybe nobody will get anything, too make it all easier.

WWDC is getting closer, and I more excited. I love WWDC, it and MWSF. I wish I could go someday. Probably MW, since its MUCH cheaper. WWDC is like $3k to go.

I did more website work finally. I need to work on getting it up. I know I need to, but yet I have so little time recently. Soon. Also, as of July 6thish I will be back to 1 counter. Thats the day the SiteMeter turns 1, and thus it will be easier to reset and then forward to whatever bravenet says.

Ok, I promise a new poll next time, but not today.


Diamonds: She’ll pretty much have to.

2 thoughts on “La la la

  1. Robin says:

    To any one who hasnt had the pleasure of meeting Jen You are missing out.
    She is a breath of fresh air. I thank God for sending such a special person in my sons life. They have 1 of the most important qualities, Friendship.

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