WWDC is coming

So, with the WWDC just 2 weeks away, I suppose I should make some predictions. Well, of course there will be info on Tiger, Mac OS X 10.4 to be release I presume around late October as Panther was. I have no idea what may be included as updates though.

As far as new items, I see AirTunes being incorporated into the Airport Extreme base stations, wireless Firewire (400MB/s wireless for peripherals mainly, no need for more than about 20 foot range, if that), the 60GB iPod, faster iMacs with 8x SuperDrives, redesigned displays with a possibility of an interactive display (an LCD with tablet functionality, so you can draw on it), and/or a 30″ LCD, and hopefully news on when we might see G5s in the iMacs and PowerBooks, and when we can expect 3GHz PowerMacs. These are just guesses of course, things I know are coming but am not sure when. Whether they will be actually releases, “coming soon”s, or not at all are yet to be seen. Displays and iMacs are overdue for updates, and iPods are nearing that point too. The rest of the product line is in good shape. That doesn’t really mean much though, since Powerbooks were updated in Nov. 02 and again in Jan. 03, so who knows. Of note, Apple recently spun off the ipod into a separate division, so a redesign isn’t likely, I expect just a capacity bump and little more.

I could of course be wrong on any and all of that. It should also be kept in consideration that it is a developer convention, and updates to sub-pro products are less likely. PowerBook, PowerMac, Displays, XServes, and the Pro Apps like Soundtrack, Final Cut, and DVD Studio Pro are the most likely candidates, rather than iMacs or iPods.

Ok, what else…

More time with Jenn. We went with my mom and Robert to the Casino on Saturday night, and to the art fair Sunday during the tornado. We didn’t know there was a tornado, just ugly clouds. I actually saw some twirling clouds that judging by the time were the remnants of the tornado though.

I have been cleaning my room little by little. I have put the two clothes racks in the attic finally, so I have a lot more floor. I need to figure out some kind of TV stand, since I hate having my TV 5 ft in the air on the stereo cabinet. I really want a built in desk/entertainment center setup, but haven’t the money to try building one yet. Maybe later in the summer.

Ok, I think that is it.
See you all back here Thursday.


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