More Photos

I have finally posted the photos of the dogs, as well as photos of some people. I want to work on getting better scans now, I didn’t realize how lousy some of them looked. Comment and ask, and I am sure I will work harder. Honestly, I slack because I feel you people don’t give a rats ass.

My MBNA loan is over. They are apparently not charging me the $.38 in interest I thought I owed. I am just glad to have one more debt out of the way.

Apple has, over the last week or so, released a new liquid cooled G5 to be shipped in July, and the Airport Express router which supports 802.11g 54MB/s wireless, wireless USB printing, and wireless audio. The 802.11g router and printing were available on the Airport Extreme, but audio is a new feature, and allows you to connect the router to any stereo and wirelessly sent audio from itunes to the stereo, very cool. Just $129 and is quite portable too.

I made Dean’s List at Delta. I am not too enthused, since I only had 6 credits, but still.

I miss last summer. Sleeping on the couch downstairs, watching “7 Days” at 2 am, new “This Old House” every Thursday at 3 am. I had a dry time from 12 when Family Guy ended till 2 though. I always found something though. I can’t remember why I didn’t work. I think I was on my “VERY part time” thing.

Notice that there is still no new poll. I can’t think of one right now, and you people don’t vote in them anyway. Maybe next time, or maybe they will just disappear.

Anyway, I am going to bed.
Good night.


Why are restroom toilets horseshoe shaped?
And if they are better, why can’t we buy them like that?

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