A Day Off, Yeay!

Finally, I have a day off. I worked 5 straight, that’s good for me. I will get a very nice paycheck I’m sure, but I am glad I get to sleep in finally.

I was notified via postcard today I made Dean’s List for Winter 04 at Delta. Is impressive I guess, though I only had 6 credits.

So what have I been doing…

Well, what I haven’t been doing is getting the pics of the dogs scanned, or renting LOTR:ROTK yet. Soon, very soon.

Wednesday after blog I went to Jenn’s, as did I every other day. We figure with the exception of the day Sarah found out her dog had cancer, I have been at her house every day since May 13th, and actually longer. Heck, even that day that I didn’t, I was probably there past midnight the day before, so were good there too. Yesterday we went to the mall and I got a new watch battery, but mostly we just hang out.

Worked Thursday thru today as well. We finished Hughs’ again yesterday, and began Kirshen’s today. I am sure somehow we will end up as Hugh’s again before the end of the summer.

After work and Jenn’s, not much else has been done.

Speaking of Sarah’s dog, it was put down at about 2pm today. Lucy had a tumor on her shoulder. She was in a lot of pain, and removing it wasn’t really an option as it would probably spread if it wasn’t already. Besides, even amputating the bad arm couldn’t be done since she had hip displacement and it would worsen it by adding more weight to each leg.

Friday was the last day of school for the little people. Congrats to any new graduates. Oh how things have changed in 3 years. Wow.

I need to get in some bike riding, but can’t seem to find the time. I get home from work and shower, then either go with Jenn and eat, or eat then go with Jenn. Seems the only way I am going to get to ride is if Jenn does, I don’t work, or I give up Jenn time. I think A is the best choice, maybe the only.

Ok. I am sure I forgot something, but oh well. New poll soon, and FREAKING COMMENT DANG IT. This no voting/no commenting is pissing me off.

I will try harder for the more pics, and at updating too soon rather than too late.


Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?

It died.

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